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walking past Host.jpg

Public Art installation
At Guildford Station

Host is a new public art installation running under the platforms at Guildford Train Station. Update in progress.....

Defacement in the Basement.jpg

The Echoing space
cellar installation

Under the main stairs of an historic old house in Surrey there is a small damp creepy cellar where eccentric...........

Head in a Box JPG.JPG


Foreseeing the extent of screen-time and addiction, the Head in a Box installation was made of three screen-printed and lit floating Perspex boxes shown in a darkened space, casting ..........

 interior journey installation 1.jpg

interior journeys

The Interior Journeys installations appear like a scene from a séance glowing out of a darkened space. Flying chairs, ghostly heads and distorted flocked wallpaper patterns make their.........

Lucid dreaming.jpg

Lucid Dreaming 

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